Monday, September 15, 2014

Powder Room Demo

The powder room remodel is well underway.  It was gutted about a week ago and I'm currently in the throes of laying the tile.

Here are some Before pictures. . .

The plan is to gut everything: floor, vanity, toilet, trim, door, etc.  I might keep the mirror if the size works with whatever vanity we end up making or buying.

We ripped out most of the floor months ago while we still had a dumpster for the kitchen demo.  The timing of the demo has come at a good time since BH recently discovered how much he likes to climb up the toilet to gain access to the sink. 

This only happens when mom forgets to shut the bathroom door when not in use...

Once I got into the demo-groove  I forgot how unpleasant demo work can be. 

For a few days I was that classy person with a toilet and vanity just hanging out in the back yard (You're welcome neighbors).  Fortunately I've been able to find new homes for the sink and toilet.  The vanity I haven't been so lucky.  I've been trying to scheme up a plan to make it into a little playhouse for BH.  I cleaned it up  and BH has had a ball with it the last few days.  It's a great size for him.  If anybody has any good ideas on how to make it look like a little playhouse let me know!

Up next for the bathroom is laying tile.  Inspired by the floor at Everyday Enchanting I bought Leonia Silver Glazed Porcelain in 12x24 and 6x24.  If you want real time updates on progress I'm trying to be better at updating our Instagram.